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September 2020
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- 3 Sept  Fathers Day Ride  See Details

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  • Brisbane Moreton Bay
    Jan Cunningham (Mrs C)  0408 744219
    Kev Cunningham (Batman) 
    0417 195176

  • Darling Downs   Ride Calendar
    Jol Clarke  0419 746 097
    Shanelle Clarke  0409 762 374
    E-mail Here

  • Wide Bay/Fraser Coast  Ride Calendar
    Julie  0400 690981 or email

    Michael  0409 575284 or email


Sunday 6th September.  Fathers day ride is this Sunday afternoon. We Hope you'll be getting breakfast in bed.  Ride out to Yeppon via Emu Park, to watch the sunset, and some fush 'n' chups by the beach.  Depart 3pm from Rocky PCYC car park. With an evening ride home. Special shout out to all the dads.

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