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Proposed Rides

Rides with no confirmed dates, dependent on interest:

  • Overnighter 1770/Rocky
  • Dorrigo NSW
  • Paint Ball Therapy!!!
  • Townsville 2020  

To be Rescheduled Heathers Ride
Postponed Heather Memorial Ride Flyer
Heathers Ride.   Due to unforeseen circumstances this ride will be rescheduled.  Watch this space for updates

Toy Run Art Competition 2020 Flyer

TOY RUN Stalls Dates 2020

Independent Rider Event Summary 2020

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Toy Run Art Competition FCFN 2018
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Latest Update on LDAT 11/12/2018 

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Rides Postponed/Delayed

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Rides 2020

Known rides for the current year:

October 2020
- 29 Oct  Toy Run Stall Stockland H/Bay
- 30 Oct  5.30pm, Friday social evening Details

November 2020
- 01 Nov  Independent Day Ride  Details
- 06 Nov Toy Run Stall Stockland H/Bay
- 07 Nov  Military Muster 2020
- 07 Nov Freedom Concert 2020
- 12 Nov Toy Run Stall Stockland H/Bay
- 12 Nov Toy Run Stall Station Square
- 15 Nov Independent Mystery Ride  Details
- 19 Nov Toy Run Stall Stockland H/Bay
- 19 Nov Toy Run Stall Station Square
- 20-22 Nov 31st Imbil Bike Rally
- 26 Nov Toy Run Stall Station Square
- 27 Nov Toy Run Stall Stockland H/Bay

December 2020
- 04 Dec Toy Run Stall Stockland H/Bay
- 06 Dec Annual Fraser Coast Toy Run

  Stall Dates  Mud Map  Itinerary Toy Run Shirt

January 2021

February 2021
- 6/7th Independent Overnighter

March 2021
- 06th Mar 8th Annual IR Poker Run

April 2021
- 30th Apr Rodders May in the Bay

May 2021
- 1-2nd May 2020-21 Annual Pub Run
- 16th May Independent Show and Shine

June 2021

July 2021
- 24/25th 2nd Annual Ind Brass Monkey Run

August 2021

September 2021
- 25/26th Independent Foundation Ride

October 2021
30 Oct Zombie M/Cycle Event

November 2021

December 2021
- 05 Dec Annual Fraser Coast Toy Run9

January 2022





Rides 4 October

Known rides for the the coming month or so:

  • Do you need more information on our Day or Weekend /Overnight Rides?  Then phone:
    Wide Bay/Fraser Coast
    Julie  0400 690981 or email

    Michael  0409 575284 or email

    Brisbane Moreton Bay  Ride Calendar
    Jan Cunningham (Mrs C)  0408 744219
    Kev Cunningham (Batman) 
    0417 195176
    E-mail Here

  • Capricorn Coast   Ride Calendar
    TBA  Contact Fraser Coast  email

    Darling Downs   Ride Calendar
    Jol Clarke  0419 746 097
    Shanelle Clarke  0409 762 374
    E-mail Here

Next on the Fraser Coast list (Details) 
Thursday 29th of October.  Toy run 29 Oct  Toy Run Stall Stockland H/Bay from 8.30am until 2.30-3pm.  Toy Run Raffles, merchandise, toys can be dropped off at toy run stalls.  Stall will be near Novo Shoes

Friday 30th of October.  Friday social evening from 5.30pm.  Location: White Lion Hotel Corner of John and Walker St Maryborough.

Sunday 1st November.  First day ride for November, taking in Mary Valley, Maleny, maybe Lake Baroon, then Palmwoods, Nambour and maybe last drinks at Tiaro.    Meet at Puma Servo South Maryborough, (one on highway), 8.30am for a 9m departure.

Distance 366km approx.  Should be a good one hope to see you there.

Sunday 15th November.  Independent Riders Day Ride.  Mystery Ride.  Meet at Oliver's, (old Sexi Coffee), just north of Maryborough.  Meet 9.0am for a 9.30am departure.  Route: It depends!!!.  Lost rating 3. Hope to see you there.  Approx distance 3-400km

(Need more information Email or phone Julie 0400 690981 or Michael 0409 575284.

COVID-19 Restrictions  FYI

Social evening locations
- Granville Hotel
- Lamington Hotel Maryborough
- Maryborough Cricket Club
- Maryborough Sports Club
- White Lion Hotel  Maryborough

Upcoming events are:
 06 Dec 2020 Fraser Coast Toy  Run 2020

Other Ride Calendars

- Brisbane Ride Calendar  Updated  19/06/2017