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Independent Riders is not a club.  We are a group of people who believe in the enjoyment and freedom obtained through motorcycle riding without the restrictions imposed on them through membership of clubs or associations.  Independent Riders have a charitable focus but as true ‘Independents’ we  have no President, Secretary or other similar position, the opinion of each person is considered equal.  We do however have one person who is chosen as Public Relations Officer, the role of this person is promote our worthwhile and charitable causes. 

The wearing of an Independent Rider cloth patch or flying of one of our banners does not equate to membership of any club or association but rather an indication that this person or persons believe in our concept of “The Independent Rider”.  The majority of money raised by Independent Riders go to various charitable organisations, see those community groups we supportWe welcome all like minded riders.

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Our newsletter is our contribution to motorcycle enthusiasts on The Fraser Coast and will include rides, events as well as ride/pub reviews and photos.   Poker run flyers as well as other motorcycle events can be posted in this newsletter by e-mailing details to biteme@eatmyshorts.com.au 
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Our merchandise can be viewed by clicking one of these links: Catalogues #1, #2  See Toy Run Shirt

A percentage of profits from our merchandise will go to charity, during major events all these profits will go to the benefactors of that event.
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You can catch up with us each Friday night from 5.00PM at The Aussie Hotel, Alice St Maryborough.  Ph: 0417 215978  or on

** Information on Newman's Anti-Biker Laws