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Pub of The Month

  • Grand Hotel Crows Nest
    32 William St Crows Nest QLD Ph: 07
    4698 1102

Located around 275km south west of Maryborough and 155km west of Brisbane in in the 'Biker Friendly' town of Crows Nest.  Facebook  Directions

We've been to many pubs/towns that lay claim to be 'Biker Friendly', however the Old Grand Hotel at Crows Nest is one of the best.

Beer prices are good, staff are friendly and package deals for room and meals excellent.  I was impressed with the publican, who after his shift came out from behind the bar to chat with us.

Author comments.  We were so impressed with these guys that our plan at this stage is to return as our starting point for our 2019 Pub Run.

Publican and staff are friendly, really worth a visit.

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